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LeBron James made the Cavs wear matching suits before Game 3

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Thom Browne just outfitted the Cavs for the game.

The walk from the bus to the locker room for NBA players has turned into a runway. Every single night players take the chance to make some sort of statement with their clothing. Russell Westbrook was the true pioneer of this movement but many have followed in his footsteps, including LeBron James.

On Friday night, The Cavaliers made a statement of their own. They rolled up to Bankers Life Fieldhouse for Game 3 all wearing the exact same suit.

It turns out James got the team the matching suits, which wasn’t much of a suprise.

But Dave says here that the suits are various? Let’s take a look because they all look the exact damn same to me.

LeBron James

James looks stylish and classic per usual. He even makes the shorter pants look good. The bag? Extra points. LeBron is rocking a Thom Browne classic and looking 100.

J.R. Smith and George Hill

Okay J.R.’s entire suit is too big. George Hill did add the aviators that look nice but I’m sure he loves showing up back to his hometown of Indianapolis in a suit LeBron made him wear. Thom Browne or not.

Larry Nance Jr.

Larry looks like a social studies teacher.

Cedi Osman

And Cedi looks like one of LeBron’s groomsmen.

Kendrick Perkins

Well I’m not crazy enough to say anything bad about Kendrick Perkins so we’ll just stop here.

So what you’re telling me is that LeBron got a suit he liked (rightfully so) and then made everyone else wear it too? Except they don’t look that great in it? What is this. A sign of unity and that the Cavs will probably win by 100 because of it. Sheesh.

UPDATE: The Cavs blew a 17-point lead to the Pacers and lost Game 3. They now trail 2-1 in the series, the first time LeBron James has ever trailed in the first round. Not a good day for the suits.