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Chris Paul annoys everyone, but especially DeMarcus Cousins

Chris Paul and DeMarcus Cousins just want to win very, very badly. Going back to college, Paul has had a borderline pathological thirst for a championship, and impatience for anything short of that. Those qualities manifest in the form of Paul being really, really annoying. He is a notorious irritant. He screams, he whines, he flops — any little thing to improve his chances of winning or express his dissatisfaction with losing.

Cousins, too, has spent a career perpetually dissatisfied with his team’s success, which manifests in a reputation almost opposite Paul’s. Cousins is irascible, and volcanic when provoked. Referees, coaches, and media learned this hard way during the years Boogie played for a particularly crappy team in Sacramento.

When you put these two people, you get beef. Anybody could have seen that coming. Paul’s flopping and needling tendencies bothered Cousins early in his career, and in the years following we saw Cousins prevent a teammate from shaking Paul’s hand, bad-mouth Paul in the press, and whip a loose basketball at Paul’s head.

It remains to be seen whether Paul joining the championship-contending Rockets and Boogie joining the much-improved Pelicans (albeit not on the court for the 2018 playoffs) affects the future of this beef. But in the meantime, here’s the history.