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Steven Adams took an elbow to the face and was completely unbothered

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You cannot hurt this man!

Game 4 between the Jazz and Thunder was a fight between both teams from the start. There were three technical fouls in the first half alone and a whole lot of pushing and shoving and hollering. Among the most angry of individuals was none other than Russell Westbrook, who in the fourth quarter made Jae Crowder quite mad.

The whole problem is that Steven Adams took the brunt of the entire situation.

1. Westbrook fouls Crowder and causes a scuffle

2. Steven Adams gets absolutely clocked in the face and does not react in any kind of way.

3. Steven Adams adjusts his nose and moves on.

The result of all of this was Jae Crowder was ejected. I think it was an accidental contact with Adams but hit was a hit to the face nonetheless. Ejection it is.

But Steven Adams? Please never change.