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Charles Barkley’s beef with Charles Oakley includes a preseason brawl and multiple face slaps

Beef between Charles Barkley and Charles Oakley was kind of inevitable. Barkley was, and still, is an individual unafraid of confrontation. He’s always loved to say provocative stuff, and he doesn’t mind scrapping a little if it comes to that. Oakley is also unafraid of confrontation, and is pretty easily provoked into getting physical.

Those two played against each other (and in the playoffs) throughout a particularly aggressive era of NBA basketball, with hard fouls aplenty and way more fights than in today’s game.

What do you get when you pit those kinds of personalities against each other in that kind of era? Well, there was a lot of pushing and shoving, a genuine brawl in a preseason game, and an open-handed slap during a union meeting. Beef. Beef is what you get. Beef that, by all appearances, is still going today, with Barkley on TNT and Oakley on Twitter.

Watch the video above for the full BEEF HISTORY between these legends of of their era.