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What on Earth was J.R. Smith doing on this final possession?

This was a bad, bad mistake.

George Hill missed the second of two free throws that could have given the Cavaliers a one-point lead with 4.7 seconds to go in Game 1 of the Finals, leaving the score tied. J.R. Smith, his teammate, grabbed an offensive board with plenty of space to shoot what could have been the game-winning shot, but pulled the ball out.

Frantically, he realized the situation too late, dishing the ball to Hill in the corner who missed a three-point shot that might not have counted anyway.

It was a brutal, brutal mistake that forced the teams into overtime, which the Warriors eventually won comfortably, 124-114. This play cost the Cavaliers a chance to steal Game 1 in a series most expected they had no chance to win.

What was J.R. Smith thinking?

Did J.R. not realize the game was tied? Apparently so. ABC’s cameras caught him mouthing “I thought we were ahead” to an incensed LeBron James.

This logic ... did not go over well.

After the game, he claimed he knew the score.

But Ty Lue says differently.

NBA players couldn’t believe it.

The whole internet, of course, had a field day.

J.R. Smith isn’t exactly a stranger to brain farts in key moments, but he’ll never live this one down.