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Yes Warriors, you have a lineup called The Hamptons Five. Own it.

We have that and more in Monday’s NBA newsletter.

Golden State Warriors v New Orleans Pelicans - Game Four Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Warriors started a funky lineup dubbed The Hamptons Five on Sunday. Why is it called The Hamptons Five? Because it includes all four players who went to The Hamptons on behalf of the Warriors (Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala) to recruit the fifth player (Kevin Durant) during free agency two years ago.

Some, including wise Tim Cato, want to continue calling it the Death Lineup. Here’s the thing: no. The Death Lineup was always a weird, off-putting construct and it involved Harrison Barnes instead of Durant. This is a big deal: that lineup was nigh unbeatable with Harrison Barnes instead of Kevin Durant. We called it the Death Lineup when one of the players was Harrison Barnes. You swap him out for Kevin Durant, and you can’t call that the Death Lineup any more.

The Hamptons Five is a perfect name because of what it connotes. Just the fact that it reminds us that Kevin Durant hosted free agent pitches in the Hamptons is pretty important. After the game, Steve Kerr playfully bristled at the moniker, saying he feels strange referring to the unit as The Hamptons Five. Guess what, coach: you should have thought of that before you took four players from a 73-win team to The Hamptons to recruit one of the three best players in the world. This is a name that suits the circumstances under which the unit was formed. It just fits.

By the way, The Hamptons Five was awesome. The Warriors beat the Pelicans by 26 and can end the series on Tuesday at home in Oakland (not The Hamptons). Kudos, though, to the Pelicans for forcing Golden State to pull out that lineup in the second round.

Sunday’s Scores

Warriors 118, Pelicans 92
Golden State leads 3-1
Recaps: Golden State Of Mind | The Bird Writes

Rockets 100, Jazz 87
Houston leads 3-1
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Monday’s Schedule

Celtics at Sixers, 6 p.m. ET, TNT
Boston leads 3-0

Raptors at Cavaliers, 8:30 p.m. ET, TNT
Cleveland leads 3-0

Links on Links on Links

“Oh good, another 6 p.m. ET weekday start!” said no one ever.

After the Rockets win over the Jazz, the second round could be wrapped up entirely by the end of Tuesday. That relies on the Cavs and Celtics finishing up their sweeps on Monday to set up a Eastern Conference Finals rematch under completely different circumstances from last year. It also relies on the Warriors and Rockets closing out at home on Tuesday to set up the series we’ve all been waiting for all year. Let’s do it, guys.

Chris Paul appears to be on the verge of getting out of the second round for the first time ever. He’s still doing stuff like trying to draw ridiculous fouls going into halftime. Never change, buddy.

Speaking of CP3, this whole thing with his brother almost getting ejected by an official who has a history with said brother ... it’s weird.

Sometimes we poke fun at Kevin Durant for his burner accounts and for The Hamptons thing. But the dude is doing amazing things, including paying for four kids from a Silicon Valley Boys and Girls Club to go to college.

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I had never heard of Grizzlies Prep, a high-achieving all-boys public charter school in Memphis where Grizzlies players and employees mentor young men. One of Grizzlies Prep’s biggest success stories is headed to the NBA draft lottery.

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Lloyd Pierce, a Sixers assistant, appears to be gaining steam as the Hawks’ top candidate.

This is interesting: David Fizdale reportedly declined a contract offer from the Suns before Phoenix hired Igor Kokoskov. Fizdale ended up with the Knicks. Mike Budenholzer had also abruptly pulled his name from Suns consideration early in the offseason after interviewing with the team over multiple days.

And finally: shout out to the hero holding up a sign reading “It Ain’t Over” after the Sixers’ loss to go down 3-0. We’ll see, friend. We’ll see.

Be excellent to each other.