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J.R. Smith’s inexplicable mistake was a field day for Twitter jokes

These are amazing!

Game 1 of the Warriors and Cavaliers Finals was entirely bonkers, and a lot of blame is going on J.R. Smith. The Cavs guard grabbed an offensive rebound with less than five seconds to go in front of the Warriors’ basket with the score tied, and he decided not to shoot. Then he pulled the ball out and killed the clock accidentally, or on purpose depending on who you ask.

After the game, coach Ty Lue said that Smith, “Thought it was over.”

But Smith claims, “I was trying to get enough to bring it out to get a shot off,” according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. “I knew we were tied, I thought we were going to call timeout. If I thought we were ahead, I’d have held onto the ball and let them foul me.”

Either way, this moment became tremendous content. A screencap of an angry, infuriated LeBron James went viral.

Here’s the original picture:

And here’s the devastation our beautiful Twitter app caused.

I’m wheezing.


Oh my.



Dog memes were popular.



HAHAHA— Ok I did this one.

Poor J.R.

Memes on memes!

Sorry Cleveland fans, but Twitter won.