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NBA mock draft: From Luka Doncic on down, what a darn good class

(Yes, my friends. This mock / will be written in haiku. / Even the headline!)

Basketball: Luka Doncic Sipa USA-USA TODAY NETWORK

The NBA Draft
is only 10 days away.
Still, there are questions.

Will the Suns go big?
Will the Kings skip Wonder Boy?
Who is gonna trade?

So much is unknown!
But we know this class is stacked.
Upside? Tremendous!

Let’s dive in to this.
One thing: we’ll use just haiku.
Here we go. Let’s mock.

1. Suns: Deandre Ayton, Arizona

While Luka Doncic
has ties to the Suns’ new coach,
Ayton is linked, too.

Ayton picked ‘Zona,
and darn was he good while there.
Worth ev’ry dollar.

D.A. has skills and
he should be able to score.
Defense is questioned.

To be frank, that’s a
question most Suns have. Coaching
will be key in that.

2. Kings: Luka Doncic, Real Madrid

Best Euro ever?
Yes, as far as prospects go.
Doesn’t mean sure thing.

Wonder Boy is great.
He clearly knows how to play.
He knows how to win.

Is that a skill? Well ...
Perhaps not. The NBA
is just something else.

Yet if I had to
bet on one guy making it,
it would be Luka.

3. Hawks: Jaren Jackson, Jr., Michigan State

Another big man,
this draft class is full of them.
3J could be tops.

Jackson can step out
on both ends. He’s real mobile
and a strong shooter.

Why not Number 1?
He’s not quite as imposing
as Ayton. (I guess.)

4. Grizzlies: Trae Young, Oklahoma

Your yearly Steph comp:
meet the thrilling gunner Trae.
Need buckets? Get Trae.

Of course, Steph is great
despite his size, strength, and speed,
not because of it.

Trae will have to prove
he can get shots off against
top pro defenders.

If he can’t? Yikesville.
This is why taking guards at
the top is a risk.

5. Mavericks: Marvin Bagley III, Duke

Another one-year
Duke big, like Jahlil (uh oh)
or Tatum (oh whew).

Where does Bagley rate?
Picturing him in the pros
is hard, so who knows?

Odds are he won’t be
as good as Tatum, or as
bad as Okafor.

The Mavs need talent,
from whenceever they find it.
This is a huge pick.

6. Magic: Mohamed Bamba, Texas

We need Mo Bamba,
not just for his awesome name,
but also his D.

It’s so exciting
to see young, long shot-blockers
figure it all out.

Yes, it’s hard to stick
without finding your offense.
But there are good signs.

7. Bulls: Miles Bridges, Michigan State

Domestic Luka,
with a good do-it-all rep.
You want guys like this.

8. Cavaliers: Michael Porter, Jr., Missouri

Oh, the Cavaliers
have a real interesting choice.
Should they target guards?

If LeBron James stays,
they need guards all the way down.
But will he stay? Nah.

Then you take the best
draft prospect available,
regardless of spot.

Porter has upside
and huge downside risk (his back).
He’s a perfect fit.

9. Knicks: Mikal Bridges, Villanova

The other Bridges
projects as a 3-and-D
wing. Solid, not great.

Here’s the thing: that’s fine!
All teams go for broke up here.
No shock some go broke.

Knicks do have a star
And a point guard with upside.
They need good players.

10. Sixers: Wendell Carter, Duke

Since when does Coach K
land high-end centers who aren’t
from the Plumlee clan?

I have no take on
Carter, except that Wendell
is an awesome name.

11. Hornets: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Kentucky

Alright, check this out:
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.
Seven syllables!

(Sorry, low effort
haiku right there. And frankly,
throughout this whole piece.)

I’m a sucker for
ginormous point guards like Shai.
7-foot wingspan? Gosh!

12. Clippers: Collin Sexton, Alabama

My fave prospect who
isn’t named Luka or Mo.
Westbrook with a ‘fro.

We saw Don Mitchell
slip right in as a scorer.
Young Bull can do it.

13. Clippers: Robert Williams, Texas A&M

Clips pick back-to-back,
and need just ‘bout ev’rything.
A big would be nice.

That Williams went to
A&M is pretty pat
given what comes next.

DeAndre Jordan,
himself a former Aggie,
could leave this summer.

(Well, unless, of course,
the Clippers hold him hostage
just for old time’s sake.)

14. Nuggets: Chandler Hutchison, Boise State

“Chandler Hutchison”
is not a Boise QB
despite what you’d think.

Boise’s never had
a first-round pick in this sport.
Only Chris Childs!

He was undrafted,
but had a good, long career.
Hutch could be much more.

(Want more bad haiku?
Well, sorry. That store is closed.
All that’s left are takes.

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