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Kevin Durant was the center of a lot of uncomfortable jokes at the Warriors’ parade

KD’s probably staying in Golden State. But these jokes didn’t hit!

The Golden State Warriors celebrated their third championship in four years on Tuesday afternoon, and, oh my goodness, their front office made horribly uncomfortable jokes with Kevin Durant. He was hit with zing after zing about his upcoming contract, and, uh ... he did not look OK about it!

David West and Shaun Livingston hinted about drama inside the Warriors’ locker room after they won Game 4 of the Finals, and maybe this has something to do with that.

The first hit came from Warriors general manager Bob Myers, who promised Durant whatever kind of extension the free agent-to be wanted after he won his second consecutive Finals MVP. He took that back in a joking way at the parade and it did not hit well.

Myers: That was just for the media he can’t have anything that he wants.

Coach Steve Kerr: Mid-level

Broadcaster Bob Fitzgerald: last year you told Steph he could have whatever contract he wants too.

Myers: That was different. He’s been here since the way before days ... he’s earned it.

Fitzgerald: And there ended the Warriors’ cohesion right there.


Then Fitzgerald made things worse.

Fitzgerald: I’m gonna stand in front of KD ... Before his Warriors exit, I want to enjoy as much time with him as possible.

Somebody, make it stop. We know how sensitive KD can be — hello, burners — and this couldn’t have helped. Durant already said before the parade he wanted to run things back with this team, so it’s pretty safe he won’t actually leave the Warriors, but these jokes felt uncomfortable still to say the absolute least.

He ended with a note on that.

The final time he was made fun of about the contract, Durant responded on the microphone, “Why was that even a discussion? Why we even talking about that? For sure, we going to do this thing again.”