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Luka Doncic’s fadeaway floater 3-pointer in the Liga ACB Finals is his last statement to be the NBA Draft’s top pick

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This is ridiculous.

Luka Doncic won another championship playing for Real Madrid this season, taking the Liga ACB title four games into a best-of-five just months after winning in EuroLeague. He didn’t play his best game, only scoring eight points, but the dagger three he hit is laughable.

Look at this 19-year-old in a grown man’s league stepping back on one foot, fading the wrong way, and swooshing the most arrogant game-decider he could’ve imagined.

Who else does this in a three-point game with less than three minutes to go?

Doncic will be among the first names called at the draft, and we’ve argued why he should definitively be the first.

With shots like this one, the “Wonder Boy” is truly must-see TV. And now that his Liga ACB season is over, he’ll be in attendance at the draft in New York City on Thursday.