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Mikal Bridges to the Sixers was a perfect draft story until Philadelphia traded him

This was so sad.

2018 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

It was a heartwarming story for all of 20 minutes or so. The Sixers selected Mikal Bridges, a local Villanova prospect, with the No. 10 pick. Not only would Mikal stay close to where he won two championships, he’d be working in the same organization as his mother, Tyneeha Rivers, who is the Global VP of Human Resources for Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment, the company that owns the Sixers.`

Then the Sixers traded Bridges to the Suns. Brutal.

And Mikal kept answering questions with the media without knowing. MORE brutal.

Heart. Breaking.

The two were so happy when he got drafted to Philly:

And then it was all gone. Without him knowing.

This feels so cruel.

I don’t want to be there when he and his mother find out what happened.

TRADE HIM BACK TO PHILLY. The NBA Draft’s warmest story got cold way too quick.

Update: Here’s how he reacted: