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Klay Thompson is THRIVING in China... again

Please meet Noodles Klay, Pop-a-shot Klay and Flexing Klay.

The summer doesn’t officially start until Klay Thompson touches down in China, and folks, welcome to your solstice. Klay’s only just arrived, but he’s already brought us some delightful moments.

I’m not sure if you remember last season, when Klay’s first stint in China took over the internet, but it did. He created so many memes based on his dancing, and his failed dunk attempts. Now he’s ready for Round 2.

I have no idea what Klay is wearing here, but I love it

His flex is perfectly on-brand, and he walks off so awkwardly in the most Klay way.

Klay eats noodles

I’m not sure I’d care about a single other person on Earth eating noodles except Klay Thompson. Actually, let me rephrase, I don’t care when Klay eats noodles in California or Louisiana or New York.

Just China. This is where he thrives.

Klay loses to a kid in pop-a-shot

First off, DAMN, she’s good. But secondly, I love how Klay does not up his game at all. He will lose at his own pace and love it.

Thank you, Klay, for being Klay.

This post will be updated as new Klay videos arrive on Twitter dot com.