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The Spurs wished Kawhi Leonard ‘happy birthday’ on Twitter and the replies got awkward


It’s Kawhi Leonard’s birthday! What a great day for the Spurs! The best player on their team is celebrating a special day in his life!

Oh, wait.

Just kidding.

Kawhi is trying to get traded and doesn’t want to be on the Spurs anymore. And everyone knows it.

That’s why this tweet didn’t go over well.

Let’s see what the Spurs fans had to say about it.

Look at my friend 804sHeartBreak over here who tweeted some TRUTH.

My guy Rubio tweeted a terribly cropped photo of Bill Russell flippin’ the birds.

Spurs fans **really** wanted the Spurs to delete the HBD wish.

EVAN from the top ropes with this meme.

Vinicius, are you kidding? LMAO


People brought Shrek into this. LOL



Rick and Morty memes! Ahahah!

Alex is real as hell.

Have a great day, everyone.