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Steve Kerr’s about to finally get paid his worth

Kerr’s had a deal that’s about the league median. That’s gonna change soon.

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Golden State Warriors Victory Parade Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Steve Kerr is reportedly about to get paid, per Woj. Yeah, he’s already richer than you are, but as far as the market he’s in is concerned he’s pretty criminally underpaid for a coach that’s produced what he has.

Kerr has now piloted the Warriors to three championships, came 48 minutes away from a fourth, and had the best regular season in the history of the sport. Yet, he’s just completed the fourth year of a $25 million deal. That’s enough to pay the rent, but it ain’t even in the top-five of coaches in the league.

Kerr’s average salary is $5 million per year. There is no other way to put it: The Warriors are getting an incredible coach at a stupendous value. He earns around the same amount as Mike D’Antoni, Luke Walton (who just finished his second season as a NBA head coach), and Fred Hoiberg (who just finished his third). It’s not the lowest salary in the league, but it’s less than half of guys like Gregg Popovich and Doc Rivers — who admittedly have personnel control over their teams. Basically, Kerr’s deal at the time it was signed was requisite value, but now he’s outstripped that salary due to his achievements.

Due to the fact that it’s seen as a faux pas within the league for a coach to enter the final season of a deal without an extension, the Warriors are making a move to lock up their man and pay him what he’s now worth.

Without knowing the details of Kerr’s deal yet, we can ballpark Kerr’s yearly salary with some back of napkin math at around $9 million. Popovich makes $11 million on average — the highest in the league — Rivers makes $10 million, Tom Thibodeau makes $8 million (and additional bonuses of around $3 million), and Scott Brooks makes $7 million.

Kerr doesn’t have personnel control for the Warriors, so he might not make Popovich money, but it’s totally fair that he should at least come close.