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Now LeBron James and Draymond Green are BOTH wearing shorts with a suit


LeBron James’ latest NBA Finals suit includes shorts, mismatching bright red socks and a hoodie. It’s most certainly ... LeBron.

Here’s a closer look:

James wore a similar suit for Game 1, then proceeded to go off for 51 points, eight rebounds and eight assists. Repeating fits isn’t a bad idea.

The series’ best instigator, Draymond Green, also wore a shorts suit to Game 2.

This is SUCH a Draymond move.

Green took credit for the original Bermuda suit look during a media availability on Saturday.

“I started that trend a long time ago,” Green said. “I wore shorts last year. Go check the pictures. I see a lot of people talking ‘Oh man he’s got shorts,’ but I’ve seen a lot of people doing it.”

The pettiness between these two will never waver. That’s part of the reason why Warriors-Cavs Finals will never bore.