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A guide to LeBron James free agency conspiracy theories

There are going to be all kinds of crazy rumors. We will make sense of them for you.

Welcome to the Summer of LeBron, where we take speculation from all over the internet to try and determine where the living legend will play basketball next. There is something about NBA Twitter that has turned us all into detectives. We look for signs in the strangest places to give us any indication if a player is singing somewhere new. Did the player unfollow their current team? BIG SIGN. Did the player’s third cousin twice removed say “Go Clippers!” in a post three weeks ago? BIG SIGN. We take whatever we can get, and we run with it.

This becomes especially important in a summer like this, when we’re waiting on pins and needles to see where LeBron James will play basketball.

How has this LeBron news broken in the past?

2010: The Decision

LeBron had an hour long special on ESPN to announce his future. Message boards and things of the like had been saying that James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh had made a pact in 2008 at the Olympics to team up. We love that kind of sleuthing.

2014: I’m Coming Home

LeBron announced via Sports Illustrated, but we had signs before that. To be honest, Caroline’s Cupcakes was our most legit reporter. She essentially broke the news LeBron was returning home, and she was correct.

LeBron’s true announcements have never come from a random twitter account from a guy he knew in the third grade. They come from LeBron himself. Mav Carter is not going to like a tweet to tip us off. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try and connect our own dots. So let’s break down the conspiracies around this year’s decision.

The Pastor

MyRon is a Pastor in the Cleveland area, who claims to have an inside scoop on LeBron. He predicted in 2014 that James would return and now believes to know that LeBron will stay.

Do we believe it? 3/10

I’ve never heard of LeBron even attending church. This one is low.

Cuffs The Legend

Cuffs is a friend of LeBron’s and also a trainer in the Cleveland area. In 2014, he posted a picture of LeBron’s Cavs jersey in his son’s closet, hinting that he knew LeBron was returning to Ohio. He’s recently hinted at that again here, proving he knew the decision ahead of time.

Now, Cuffs clearly thinks LeBron is going to Los Angeles.

Do we believe it? 8/10

Honestly, LeBron follows this guy on Twitter. They’re friends. He may not be “Decision Cave” type of close with LeBron, but I think guy does have an idea of what’s going on.

The Private Jets

Okay, these private jets get tricky. Who is actually on these planes? We never know. But the tracking is legitimate. A real plane is making a trip on this route. It’s clearly someone in LeBron’s circle, if not LeBron himself.

Do we believe it? 7/10

We’ve tracked these before and there is some truth to them. The Los Angeles location is pretty interesting. Has Bron left the Decision Cave?

Security at LeBron’s house

Do we believe this? 4/10

Sure, security cameras could be set up at LeBron’s house for a million reasons. He’s had his house horribly vandalized before unrelated to any “Decision” so this doesn’t mean much. The securitymakes sense, considering his house would be on alert with so much speculation around him. I don’t think this sways me towards any specific team.

We’ll keep this updated as more come rumors come in and be sure to let me know what great tips you see out there on the world wide web.