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Boban Marjanovic in ‘John Wick 3’ is the casting decision we needed

Boban is going Hollywood!

Boban Marjanovic already plays in Los Angeles, but now he’s going Hollywood thanks to the new John Wick movie.

According to Collider, the 7′3 dancing machine — who also plays for the LA Clippers — will play an assassin in John Wick 3.

If you’re not familiar with Boban and you’re going to watch this movie, he’ll be the assassin towering over all the other assassins.

Chad Stahelski is directing the movie and if he wants to make the most out of this outstanding casting decision, he shouldn’t even have Boban hold a gun. Boban’s hands might be too big for one anyway considering he’s held a reporter’s entire hand in just his palm and made a gallon of iced tea look like your standard tumbler. Boban needs to crush weapons with his bare hands. Hopefully, we get a scene between John Wick and Boban where the Clippers center lifts Keanu Reeve’s character in the air.

What are we even doing here if Tobias Harris doesn’t get in on this to start Bobi and Tobi Productions? One movie is great for Boban, but him taking over Hollywood with a series of projects would be even better.

John Wick 3 is slated for a summer 2019 release.