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Steph Curry’s record-setting 9 NBA Finals three-pointers, ranked

This was a real Steph Curry night.

2018 NBA Finals - Game Two Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Steph Curry was the catalyst for the Warriors’ offense in a Game 2, 122-103, win over the Cavaliers. He scored 33 points on 26 shots, commanding the ball around the arc and dancing his way to the type of threes we’re so accustomed to him sinking.

But he hasn’t quite done this in the NBA Finals before. In fact, he could be working to win his first Finals MVP ever.

Curry sunk 9-of-17 three-point shots on Sunday night, which was an NBA Finals record for both makes and takes. The nine makes bested Ray Allen’s record.

Some of these shots were unbelievable, and in the same sense, just Curry-like. If you need any proof for why the Warriors offense is more fun when the ball’s in his hands, look no further than when the ball is flying from his hands.

Here’s all nine makes, ranked.

9. In rhythm off a Durant toss

His first make may have been his simplest, and it got the ball rolling. Toss, catch, feet down and fire.

8. Make Larry Nance Jr. dance off the dribble, and step back

There’s only a select amount of players who can do something like this so routinely that it’s their eighth best three-pointer of the night.

7. Step-back over Nance Jr.’s outstretched arms

Poor Nance. Steph roasted him all night.

6. Pump fake and send Nance flying


Steph knew when to cook.

5. Fire with Kevin Love in his ear

Warriors wings and guards crushed Love all night. Curry firing with Love right on his trail was the perfect example.

4. Stepback to close the game over Cedi Osman

The game was over... pretty much all game, but this was the real closer. This is the three that snapped Allen’s record, and it was pretty from a distance only Steph makes look easy.

3. Pull up off balance and do a half-split

To set your feet, square your shoulders, release at the apex and land so awkwardly, yet still make the shot, is really a Curry thing. Who else does this in the NBA Finals?

2. Kevin Love takes out Curry’s legs, doesn’t matter

Curry finished this play on his back with his legs curled up on his chest. He fell awkwardly, but it didn’t matter. He gets Peek-a-Boo threes like this all the time, giving it and darting to the corner to catch and fire.

This was a Curry night.

1. What the **** was this?

Good night Cleveland. See ya in Game 3.

If this is going down there’s absolutely nothing that you can do.

Robots and freaks are the only beings capable of this sorcery. Steph Curry is some combination of both.