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Nick Young and JaVale McGee won an NBA title together. What a world.


Indiana Pacers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Nick Young and JaVale McGee just won an NBA championship together ha ha ha how did this happen?

Young and McGee are known for their strong personalities and being total clowns. They’re entirely lovable, but rarely had they been seen for their on-court presences.

If you remember back to when these two played for the Wizards, they grew their fame after participating in the cinnamon challenge. Yep, McGee and Young took spoonfuls of cinnamon to the face, and breathed the remnants out their noses.

Yep. This is the on-brand McGee-Young stuff we’ve come to love. Who would’ve thunk they’d win rings playing NBA Finals minutes.

We’re talking about the same Nick Young who did this:

And this:

And the same JaVale McGee who did this:

And also this:

This may not have been Young’s most memorable series, but McGee made a serious impact. He surprisingly held his ground defending LeBron, and scored 32 points.

Congrats Nick and JaVale (again). You’ve both proven a lot of people wrong and will always be NBA champions.

Go ahead and turn up, Swaggy.