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Klay Thompson’s celebrations were the best part of the Warriors NBA Finals win

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The walking meme just is who he is.

Klay Thompson, the summer’s hottest meme, is at it again just seconds after winning his third championship. The same man who has been deemed “China Klay” and “Scaffolding Klay,” was seen eating popcorn on live TV, taking selfies at the podium, and googling himself right after the game.

I can not handle this man’s antics.

I’ve already written about how he’s the most meme-worthy athlete alive after dancing by himself in the club in China and missing an extremely open dunk.

He’s done it again.

Now let’s break down his post-Game 4 brilliance.

First, let’s watch him take selfies


What did Klay say after getting sprayed with champagne?






Ok Klay, time to go on Scott Van Pelt’s show

Yum yum yum ... popcorn!

Klay also googled himself to see if Wikipedia updated his championship total

Because of course.

Finally, he gave an extremely Klay interview about giving his dog beef jerky

Klay: I’m gonna give Rocco a good pet. I’m gonna get him some beef jerky. He doesn’t care about this game, he wants some food.

Thank you, Klay Thompson for continuing to be Klay Thompson no matter how big the stage.