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Kevin Durant is now using his real Instagram account to argue with people online

Win a championship, win a battle online. Rinse, repeat.

Kevin Durant keeps arguing with random semi-anonymous people online. The two-time NBA champion, two-time Finals MVP, and regular-season MVP refuses to log off, because Instagram user @bucketscenter’s meme can’t win. This is nothing new for KD, as it’s become a now yearly tradition.

The latest meme to set him off, made by a 17-year-old, highlighted Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Anthony Davis as two-way players who couldn’t lead a team like LeBron James or Stephen Curry. Durant responded, “Bruh go sweep ya dorm room, u don’t know hoops. Stop tagging me in this trash.”

The Instagram user posted direct messages the user claims Durant sent him, too. In these screenshots, the two go back and forth about what set them off about each other.

Nothing gonna stop me from achieving my dream now @kevindurant

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He did it again in early September.

Durant’s not hiding behind a burner anymore, at least

Last summer, Durant’s social media presence became a topic of conversation because ... uh ... he was using burner accounts and pretending to not be himself.

Using the name @quiresultan (the cross streets near where he grew up near in Maryland) he went at people who said things about him that he didn’t like. He insulted randoms for not being known, for having pictures of himself on their profiles, for not playing on varsity basketball teams, and for living with their parents. Fans on reddit collected the data until it inevitably blew up on Twitter.

Durant had to apologize (kind of):

This time, KD dropped the burner account pretense and responded on his own verified account.

No matter how successful Durant is, no matter how much he’s proven, he’s determined to win online. For some reason.