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The Wizards tweeted a John Wall photo that was so bad, they had to delete it

Ohhhhh man.

The NBA’s biggest stars are reporting to Team USA’s mini-camp, so the Washington Wizards decided to upload a picture of their star point guard, John Wall. What a nice offseason idea!

The problem, however, is that this is not the best picture of John Wall we’ve ever seen. It is in fact, possibly the worst picture of John Wall we’ve ever seen.

Here’s the picture that was meme’d so hard and so quickly that the team had to delete it from Twitter:

According to Bleacher Report’s Yaron Weitzman, Wall saw the picture and said, “I sent it to my mom and said it looks like I just got to jail.”

Oh my hahaha.

The immediate reactions to the tweet were too much to handle too:

And then came the memes!


STOP hahahaha.

Wait this one made me sad.

Relatable as hell.


I’d watch this movie.

Ok now we’re getting too real. Goodbye.