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Bronny James is the 13-year-old superstar son of LeBron. This is what you need to know

It’s Bronny James’ world and we’re all just living in it.

NBA All-Star Game 2018 Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Bronny James mania has officially arrived. With his famous father in the stands, LeBron James’ oldest son spent the weekend playing in front of massive crowds with his grassroots team in Las Vegas. Even though he’s only entering eighth grade, it’s clear Bronny is already a certified basketball celebrity.

The scene at a game on Thursday night became so chaotic that it had to be canceled. In a small high school gym that was over capacity, a man in a Michael Jordan jersey started heckling LeBron. A scuffle broke out between two adults and officials decided to call the game before it tipped off.

You will be hearing a lot about Bronny in the coming years. This is what you need to know.

When was Bronny James born?

One site lists his birthday as Oct. 6, 2004. That means he’s 13 years old right now as he enters eighth grade in Los Angeles. This would put him in the high school class of 2023.

Where does Bronny James go to school?

Nothing has been announced yet, but Gary Payton created a stir earlier this summer when he said Bronny would be attending Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles. That was even before LeBron signed with the Lakers.

Sierra Canyon recently produced Marvin Bagley III. The sons of Scottie Pippen and Kenyon Martin also play basketball there. Kendell and Kylie Jenner both went there. Tuition is nearly $35,000 per year for high school.

How good is he?

He looks pretty damn good compared to other 13-year-olds right now. Check out the handles and the lefty finish on this play:

He’s got deep shooting range, too:

He also likes to pass like his old man:

One site that ranks incoming eighth graders has him No. 10 overall in his class. Obviously, ranking players that young is a ridiculous exercise that is essentially meaningless. We have no idea what type of prospect Bronny will eventually become. But right now, he looks like he can play.

Can he dunk?


Update: He threw one down!

Can he jelly?

Oh yeah.

Read our Jelly explainer if you are completely washed.

How tall is Bronny James?

He is 5’10 right now.

How good is his grassroots team?

Extremely good. Bronny plays for the North Coast Blue Chips, and they’re 46-7 on the season after playing games all around the country. The recently won a USBA national championship. The Blue Chips have been putting on a show in Las Vegas, winning one game 66-18 after getting off to a 26-0 lead to start the game.

His teammates look really good, too. The same site that ranked Bronny No. 10 in the country has his teammate Mikey Williams as the No. 1 player in the class.

There’s also a kid on his team named Rayvon Griffith who is already dunking the hell out of the ball.

There’s another kid who looks even bigger than LeBron!

Do we love dad LeBron?

Yes we do. LeBron has been a fixture at his son’s games this summer. He was watching Bronny with Chris Paul in Vegas throughout the week:

It’s clear LeBron is really involved and invested in his son’s team:

What’s not to love?

LeBron wants to still be playing by the time his son reaches the NBA

Even if he’s “super trash.” From a Christmas interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols:

“That would be phenomenal. I’m not putting that pressure on him, but I believe that if he continues on the path he’s on now, he has a very, very good chance. And if I continue doing what I’m doing right now, I’ve got a really good chance, too. We can meet.

If I’m like sorry, like super trash, when he comes into the league, that’d be probably my last game. If I’m super sorry, I can’t play if I’m super sorry.”

LeBron regrets naming him LeBron James Jr.

That’s what he said on a new HBO show that is coming out in August:

It’s way too early to project Bronny James as an NBA prospect, but that won’t stop the basketball world from talking about him incessantly as he continues to grow up. Get on the Bronny bandwagon now while there’s still room.