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The best of LeBron James as a corny basketball dad

LeBron and Bronny James won the week in Las Vegas.

2018 NBA Summer League - Las Vegas - Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Las Vegas was the center of the basketball world this past week, and it’s biggest star was a 13-year-old. That would be Bronny James, the oldest son of LeBron, whose eighth grade games turned into a spectacle whenever his famous father walked into the gym.

Every high-profile grassroots (or: AAU) team in the country annually flocks to Vegas at the end of July for the final tournaments of the season. Vegas is also the site of USA Basketball’s minicamp for NBA stars. This typically produces a fun scene (who could forget LaMelo Ball vs. Zion Williamson last year?), but the presence of LeBron and Bronny took it to another level this year.

We know LeBron as the greatest athlete in the world. We know him as a leader in the community. Now it’s time to recognize him as a corny basketball dad, a guy who rocked a backwards hat and lumbar support brace as he cheered on his son all weekend.

These were are favorite moments of week from LeBron and Bronny’s excellent Vegas adventure.

LeBron was going crazy watching Bronny’s team

Imagine coming into a timeout huddle and being greeted by this guy:

LeBron is fully invested in his son’s team, the North Coast Blue Chips. He knows every players’ name. He acted as an assistant coach periodically throughout the week, and was visibly upset when things weren’t going the Blue Chips’ way.

We are blessed to live in an era of the best NBA player alive freaking out over eighth grade games.

LeBron really got in the layup line with Bronny’s team

Before one game, LeBron jumped in the layup line with his son’s team and started throwing down some sick dunks. It would sound too good to be true if there wasn’t video.

This is so incredibly corny and also so cool. Is LeBron taking attention away from the kids? Is he encouraging a circus atmosphere at his son’s games by doing stuff like this?

Probably, but who cares. This is amazing and hilarious at the same time.

Opposing eighth graders were taunting LeBron after scoring

This kid is an instant legend:

Savage. We have the Jordan Crawford of a new generation.

LeBron brought his famous friends with him to watch Bronny

Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade were at LeBron’s side watching Bronny all weekend. Just a couple dads checking out grade school basketball, no big deal.

Quavo even rolled up to one game.

Bronny’s eighth grade games are basketball’s biggest red carpet right now.

LeBron supports his friends’ kids, too

Dwyane Wade’s son Zaire is an incoming high school junior whose team was also playing in Vegas. LeBron was showing up and cheering him on:

This is just a beautiful sight:

He also took a photo with Nate Robinson’s daughter:

LeBron can appreciate a good dunk from anyone

Malachi Wideman, one of Zaire Wade’s teammates on Each1Teach1, had one of the best dunks of the summer in front of LeBron and D. Wade. They were getting hyped:

Throwing down that type of dunk has to be the best feeling in the world. Now imagine doing it in front of LeBron.

LeBron and his daughter were adorable

We love LeBron and Zhuri. Nothing was better than him teaching his baby girl how to defend like Collin Sexton:

He’s also already teaching her the value of quality post defense:

This is so damn cute.

If nothing else, hanging around all these teenagers this week will prepare LeBron for life with Michael Beasley, Lance Stephenson, and JaVale McGee.

Dad LeBron might be our new favorite LeBron.