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What the heck happened in the Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson fight?

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This is a weird story.

2018 NBA Finals - Game One Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There’s no love lost between Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green following their spat at the end of Game 4 of the NBA Finals. According to reports the bad feels might have lingered on a little too long between the two. Now we’re left with rumors of a post-ESPYS fight, a potential sucker punch, and even an alleged FACE MUSH.

But how the heck did it get to this point?

The NBA Finals

Thompson and Green have a history of not getting along. They bickered during the 2016-17 NBA Finals, and got into a scuffle at the end of Game 1 in 2017-18 — but it all culminated after Game 4 when Thompson tried to shake Green’s hand after the game, and it was rejected by the Warriors’ all-star.

Green, always being one to enjoy rubbing salt in the wound, went on to say during the Warriors’ victory parade “We ain’t cut from the same cloth,” in response to being asked about his beef with Thompson.

Now, keep in mind that Thompson and Green had almost come to blows following Game 1 — and after that game Green seemingly begged Thompson to find him during the summer.

“The summers, you can meet anybody anywhere, Green said, “So all that ‘Meet me outside, meet me at the bus,’ like I ain’t interested in giving up no money for that. But if you want to see me somewhere else, that’s fine — anytime.”

So here you have two guys, who clearly don’t like each other, with Green not only continuing to take shots whenever possible, but telling Thompson he’s fine with him finding him over the summer so they can settle their beef.

The ESPYS are during the summer.

Now here’s where this whole thing goes totally off the rails. LeBron James decides to hold a private party for his friends and the NBA elite following the 2018 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. The after party takes place at Delilah, a 1920s-themed nightspot and cocktail bar.

Allegedly at some point during the party (which was on July 18) Tristan Thompson did what Draymond Green asked, and found him during the summer. Gossip site Bossip reported on Tuesday that Thompson punched Green in the face during the party, which led to LeBron and Kevin Durant breaking up the fracas.

But wait ... there’s more.

On Wednesday Marcus Thompson II of The Atlantic sought to clear the air on what really happened at Delilah on July 18 — and it got even more confusing. We’re left with six different quotes about what exactly happened.

  1. It was a punch.
  2. It was a sucker punch.
  3. It was a shove.
  4. It was a quick one-two punch.
  5. It was a FACE MUSH.
  6. “Man, that was no fight.”

So what do we think happened?

I dunno. I mean, I wasn’t there — and somehow in 2018 nobody shot video of this incident. Honestly, I’m hoping for a face mush. Why? Because FACE MUSH. A FACE MUSH is one of the least violent acts in the realm of violence, and it’s really fun to say FACE MUSH.

Just imagine getting your face mushed. It’s definitely not pleasant, but if I had to pick between getting sucker punched and FACE MUSHED then mush away, friends.

Is this beef going to keep going?

Draymond Green is involved, so yes. In fact, Draymond responded to these claims on his Instagram story, and he dissed the city of Cleveland in the process.