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Draymond Green dissed the Cavs and all of Cleveland while referencing alleged Tristan Thompson fight

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Draymond unleashed on Instagram.

Draymond Green dissed the entire city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers in his response to rumors that he and Tristan Thompson fought at LeBron James’ post-ESPYs party last month. The reports of the account are very unclear, and Green took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon to clarify and be his absolute troll self, saying:

“I’ve enjoyed y’all stories and talk shows over the last couple days!!! Them joints inaccurate doe G!!! Aight, carry on my good people. They may want to cancel that parade too lol.”

The parade he’s referring to is almost certainly one started by a Cavs fan who aimed to celebrate Thompson’s altercation with Green.

Because this is Draymond Green, though, things didn‘t end there.

He continued:

Nah keep the parade that city won’t have any for a while... I forgot Bron left.

Lastly, I’m only telling y’all them facts are off because ma dukes was tired of y’all talking. I really don’t care.

This is peak Draymond Green. And it’s only August 1.