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Kawhi Leonard’s awkward laugh is the most important update from NBA media day

‘Ha, ha, ha. Hahaha, ha, ha.’ - Kawhi Leonard

Hello, Earthlings. Kawhi Leonard is observing your species and has learned how to mimic the human laugh:

He’s progressed from smiling to laughing this season. By this time next fall, he could actually be having fun.

The internet had a field day with Leonard’s laugh. Here are a few of our favorite tweets:

In all seriousness, this does feel a little mean spirited. Leonard isn’t as comfortable in front of the spotlight as many of the league’s other stars. He likely won’t be thrilled to learn that he being roasted on the internet all day just because he laughed.

Here’s Leonard looking more serious and stoic, which is more in line with his persona:

Leonard is one of the NBA’s most captivating figures as he joins the Raptors ahead of his impending free agency. Is he healthy and motivated enough to return to his status as one of the NBA’s top-five players? Does he see himself in Toronto long-term?

It’s too early to know any of that just yet. For now, just daydream about how Kawhi Leonard can take a 59-win team to the next level, and allow yourself to get lost in his laugh.