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Kawhi Leonard’s trying so hard not to make his laugh a meme again

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Leonard turned his laugh into mere giggles instead in front of the media, but it was still hilarious.

Kawhi Leonard’s incredibly awkward laugh broke the internet to start the 2018-19 NBA season, and it’s obvious that he isn’t trying to start a second wave of memes.

After the star broke out for 41 points in a double overtime win against the Wizards, he held in a laugh as hard as he could when a teammate poked fun at his outfit.

Instead, he turned the laugh into two short-lived streams of uncomfortable giggles that still sounded hilarious.

Some who listened to the clip suspect it was Kyle Lowry off-camera asking Leonard if he was wearing Burberry, knowing well that Leonard wears New Balance clothes. But that’s besides the point, because even Leonard’s GIGGLES sound robotic.

For those who forgot what his laugh is like:

This became an instant phenomenon on Twitter, and sent fans searching for a history of his laugh:

And there were remixes:

Even four months later, the Bucks played a Leonard laugh track over the loudspeaker when the Raptors turned the ball over:

Kawhi Leonard laughing — or even giggling — is a national treasure. Cherish every chuckle.