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Joel Embiid and Russell Westbrook are beefing again, and it’s extra spicy this time

Two past beefers rekindled their war of words in spectacular fashion.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Embiid and Russell Westbrook are two of the most, uh, vocal athletes in the NBA, and they don’t like each other! We were reminded of that late in the fourth quarter of the Sixers’ game against the Thunder on Saturday afternoon when Embiid accidentally pummeled into a sprinting Westbrook. It started some drama.

If you look closely at the replay, you can see Embiid gave Russ a little extra nudge. Russ wasn’t OK with it, as he had to be restrained from going at Embiid.

There was more talk after the game.

What did Russ say?

Russ had the line of the night. When asked if he was cool with Embiid, he quite bluntly said “F*** no.”

Russ: I don’t think he just landed on me. I think he added something a little extra to it. But it’s ok.

Reporter: So you guys are cool?

Russ: F*** No.

What did Embiid say?

Embiid was his usual self postgame, poking fun at the situation.

“I was going for the block and I think he lost the ball but I was already in the air. I don’t know why he was mad ... but he’s always in his feelings.”

This isn’t the first time Embiid and Westbrook have beefed

In 2017, Russ and Embiid had their first big petty war.

It started when Steven Adams fouled out and Embiid waved him off the court.

Russ retaliated after the Thunder won that game by waving Embiid off the floor.

Russ elaborated after the game:

“I was telling him to ‘Go home.’ He was talkin’ mess to Steve-O. Fouled out, waving to the crowd which was unnecessary. Waving to Steve-O bye. Now it’s time for him to go home.”

But Embiid got the final line in, making fun of Russ’s shot selection:

Embiid: “He told me to go home. I mean this is my home, so I guess it’s time for him to go home. They won the game, I give them a lot of credit, he did a lot of things, but the dude shot like 10-for-33. I wish I would have shot 33 times. I guess we would have had a better chance of actually winning the game. But you know, he told me to go home and this is my home and I ain’t going nowhere.”