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Steph Curry tried to dunk and it became the worst play of his entire life

You think it’s bad, and then it gets worse.

Steph Curry almost always saves the day and chucks up a shot from an unimaginable distance that falls through the net. But against the Lakers, Curry had undoubtedly the worst possession of his entire life.

Curry had a breakaway opportunity in a 26-point blowout and was clearly trying to throw down some type of dunk, which is a rarity for the 6’3 or so guard. That didn’t work! In fact, he landed right on his ass.

But that wasn’t it! Curry tried to redeem himself with a three-point shot from the corner, which, you guessed it, completely air-balled.

Please watch:

The entirety of Staples Center was roaring.

Of course, for every bad play, Curry has 5,445 good ones. But this was hilariously awful.

Good grief.

After the game, Curry could only joke with the media:

Steph: I was like a kid walking in the candy store with the whole halfcourt empty. I was going to try something really nice that I’ve never tried before. But the Lord wouldn’t let me do it.

For your own enjoyment, here’s the dunk fail remixed with Fergie’s National Anthem remix: