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The 12 NBA players we want to see on Twitter’s new ISO-CAM

Some NBA players will get a live camera on them this season, and it’s up to the fans to vote. Here’s who should get picked.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Golden State Warriors Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter is going to live stream the second half of 20 TNT games this NBA season from the viewpoint of a single player, the league announced on Wednesday. Fans will vote on Twitter to see who that player will be.

The first stream is set for the All-Star Game on Feb. 17, and the remaining 19 games will include at least one from the playoffs. The list will be announced later, along with commentators for the isolation camera angle.

This has potential to be hilarious. It’s unclear whether players will be mic’d up or what the “ISO-CAM” angle will look like, but we might get to see a whole lot of swearing and beef up close. Who knows what the regular camera angles don’t catch from Draymond Green?

It also has potential to show just how talented these pros are. How terrifying is it to guard Kyrie Irving one-on-one, for example? We’ll get to see it close up.

Here’s who we want to see picked most:

1. Draymond Green

The greatest on-court trash-talker in the NBA right now has called his MVP teammate Kevin Durant “a b***h” before, so imagine what else he says to actual opponents?

2. Patrick Beverley

Second only to Draymond, Pat Beverley is a disaster waiting to be live-mic’d, and that’s what the fans want.

3. Marcus Smart

There really are an endless number of trash-talkers in this league.

4. Chris Paul

Hailed as one of the NBA’s dirtiest players. What is CP3 getting away with that we don’t see?

5. James Harden

Show us the travels and the flops!

6. JaVale McGee

A cult hero who’s a regular on Shaqtin a Fool. JaVale was BORN for this.

7. Kawhi Leonard

In case he laughs.

8. Kyrie Irving

Do you think he recites conspiracy dribbles off the bounce?

9. LeBron James

For when he disciplines his kid teammates.

10. Steven Adams

That Kiwi accent is a must-listen, and I’m curious to know if his hair stays in place.

11. Joe Ingles

Australian accent, AND a trash talker. It’s a no-brainer, people.

12. Each team’s biggest scrub

They have nothing to lose really, so watching what they do for all 24 minutes would be a treat. Bathroom breaks? Food breaks? Someone has to send some texts in. (Sadly, the camera will not follow a player to the bench, according to Recode.)

Here’s who some of our Twitter followers suggested:

Show us some fresh new stuff, Twitter Cam. Make the world’s biggest sports drama take its next big step.