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Victor Oladipo was Thingamajig all along and that was an incredible ride

Oladipo got to show the world he’s way more than just a basketball player.

I started this blog after this first episode of Season 2 of the The Masked Singer. It’s a show that I’m not afraid to admit I watch. It’s weird and dumb but when it feels like the world is burning around us, The Masked Singer is a fun escape. There’s also the human need to try to always be a detective or conspiracy theorist and this show let’s us do that week in and week out as we try to decide who is who.

I about fell out of my chair when I heard Oladipo’s voice come out of the Thingamajig costume the first night. As a Pacers fan, his voice was extremely recognizable. The clues were just icing on the cake. So with the guessing game gone immediately with this particular character, it was just pure to watch one of your favorite basketball players live out life as a singer in a bright green monster costume.

I’ll miss waiting to see what Oladipo was going to sing next. I’ll miss the Twitter back and forth as we kept getting confirmation. I’ll miss watching people be completely charmed by a monster mascot while we all knew the star that was behind the mask.

Oladipo is special to basketball fans in Indiana and I’m glad we got to show him off in a furry green suit with hipster glasses and hands and feet that looked like a werewolf.

The Masked Singer is back for Season 2 in what I believe is actually a fever dream but I keep experiencing it while I’m awake. If you haven’t seen the show yet, it’s a singing competition like American Idol or The Voice, except celebrities are singing while hiding behind the most ridiculous identities and costumes one could ever imagine. It feels like constant hallucination while you watch.

The show is “judged” by Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger who for better or for worse add to the strangest but best show on television.

Each week we’re given new clues to help us guess the contestant like a weird game of Guess Who. Then at the end of each episode, one contestant is voted off and that is when their true identity is revealed.

But I don’t need any more clues to tell you that I am 100 percent certain that Victor Oladipo is on the show, performing as Thingamajig. That’s a real sentence I just typed.

Here is my evidence: Oladipo is actually a great singer (he dropped an album last year) and you can tell it’s his voice just by listening. If that’s not enough I’ll give you the clues, why they match him, and an update on how he’s been performing as he reaches the Final 9 of the competition.

Week 1: “Easy” by the Commodores

Clues we were given:

1. Magic - This is the team that drafted him
2. Pace - He currently plays for the Pacers
3. Sneakers - Well, he plays basketball
4. Star Wars and a cupcake with the No. 4 on it - So he was born on May 4th, you know the Star Wars day. It’s also his basketball number.

Performance Review:

His voice is so soulful and smooth and it really shocked the judges. They definitely know he’s an athlete and were pretty blown away by how well he could sing. Oladipo is so chill in real life and it really came through while pretending to be a green monster mascot. I think he’s going to win people over in that costume just like he does in real life. This show is bonkers.

Judges Guesses: Michael Strahan, Dennis Rodman

Week 2: “Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves

Oladipo singing Musgraves’ Rainbow while dressed as a Thingamajig? This is actually the best fever dream and I never want it to end. This song has such a wonderful meaning, the lyrics are emotional, he sounds fantastic, and now I’m emotional.

Clues we were given:

1. Says he felt like a feather: “Feathery” is Oladipo’s slogan and clothing line
2. He doesn’t run with the Bulls - This may be because the Bulls are division rivals
3. He still likes Magic - I hope this isn’t a sign he wants to go back to Orlando at this point
4. Said he had a rehab stint- Oladipo missed most of last year with a knee injury

Performance Review:

He made the crowd and the judges cry because he was so good. People had actual tears while watching Oladipo sing with monster hands and hipster glasses with two eyes that aren’t the same size. He’s clearly a favorite by the judges this season but I have a small fear that his performances are so low key, it could come back to haunt him against other contestants who are a bit more ... extravagant. Only time will tell.

Judges Guesses: LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Montell Jordan

Week 3: “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” by The Temptations

After two long weeks away from the show due to the World Series, we are finally back with more Thingamajig. While we were away, Oladipo was asked during a Pacers broadcast about the show and this was his answer: “I keep getting a lot of that lately. I don’t even watch the show … The guy sounds pretty good, though.” It’s definitely him and he’s a bad liar.

Clues we were given:

1. American Sign Language Dictionary: His oldest sister is deaf and he’s learned sign language to communicate with her

Performance Review:

Well, judge Nicole Scherzinger is in love with Thingamajig. She has declared him her future husband and said “I don’t even need to know who he is, I love him already.” So there is that. Congrats to Vic if this also gets him a life partner.

His voice sounded incredible once again and he went with a more uptempo song this time, which I was hoping for! But he doesn’t move around or dance much on the stage and I’m not sure if that’s because he injured his leg last year or because he’s standing in a seven-foot-tall green monster costume. Either way, I’m still a little nervous he’s being too chill despite the great voice.

Judges Guesses: Montell Jordan, Tony Parker, Dennis Rodman and Ronnie DeVoe

Week 4: “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble

It’s been an entire month since Fox had Thingamajig on the show. I’m not sure if that’s some sort of scheduling thing or they’ve rigged it. I don’t care either way, it means we have better chance of Victor freaking Oladipo winning this thing. And song choice! I love it.

Clues we were given:

1. He suffered a setback lately: His knee injury
2. He told Nicole she’d always be his “2nd pick”: Oladipo was picked No. 2 overall in the NBA draft
3. His clue package also had a record: He recently recently a studio album
4. And finally, he had a note about Maryland: That’s where Oladipo is from

Performance Review

Every concern I had about his past performances was washed away here. His personality is finally coming through that massive monster costume and he’s sounding better than ever. I’m really writing serious performance reviews about Masked Singer. Help me.

The judges are just mostly concerned about his future with Nicole Scherzinger.

Week 4 Battle Round: “Caught Up” by Usher



Week 5: “Ordinary People” by John Legend

I’m not even go mess around with all the silliness on this one. Oladipo sounds absolutely incredible and T-Pain and Robin Thicke are impressed. He’s literally making people swoon in that outfit. Whew! The only thing of note here besides his incredible voice is that ... Nicole Scherzinger guessed it was ... Markelle Fultz?!?!?!?

Week 6: “Winter Wonderland” by Dean Martin originally but he sang some mix of it

We’re in the SEMI FINALS Y’ALL!

Clues we were given:

1. Look it’s Oladipo. He gave the clue of a Tauras (his sign) and made clear he suffered a knee injury.

Performance Review

I’m going to chalk up a forced theme week of holiday songs as to why this was a weak song choice. The one thing I did like is you can see how comfortable Vic is becoming on stage. He’s really showing off now and I mean that in the best way possible.


Well, our time here has come to an end. Thingamajig was eliminated in the Semi Finals and here is the reveal. Even though I knew it was him all along, it was still oddly thrilling to see it be him revealed. Ugh, Long Live Thingamajig.