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The 5 best types of photos Kevin Love posts with his dog Vestry

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Kevin and Vestry forever.

Do you follow Kevin Love on Instagram? If you don’t, I’d strongly suggest slapping the follow button to see Love’s fits, his wild vacations, but most of all, his dog Vestry.

Meet Vestry. She’s right here:

She’s a Vizsla that Love and model Kate Bock brought home on Christmas 2018. Vestry is a very sporty dog who is VERY attached to Love.

You’ll know when Love is about to post a video of her because he’ll start the caption with “SOFT POST:” and then elaborate on how many days he’s been gone and how she’s missed him.

What I’m trying to say is that Vestry is a very important part of the NBA family. This is her first full season and we should welcome her appropriately, with a blog.

Let’s recap the best type of Vestry posts for now.

When Love comes home to Vestry

These are some of the most wholesome posts that often start with “soft post”.

Here’s one when Love was gone for two days:

Here’s one when he was gone for 11:

Here’s one where he just came back from a game:

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When Daddy got home from his game

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And here’s a sad one when Vestry knows Love is leaving:

Love and Vestry nap

These are an increasingly popular form of Love and Vestry post. Vestry seems to always settle on his chest and just knock the heck out.

Sometimes on the couch:

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Emotionally Supporting. (Watching Euphoria)

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Apparently my end to the long weekend.

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Sometimes on a plane:

Sometimes in the car:

Sometimes while Love is getting a massage:

Sometimes in bed:

And sometimes at the doctor:

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Helping Daddy through his Dr’s appointment

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So what’s Vestry so tired from?

Vestry is a the sporty dog

Love and Bock were smart to get a Vizsla for their high-intensity vacation and travel lifestyle. Vestry doesn’t slow them down for a minute (except swimming, she is not a good swimmer but she tries — OK?)

Vestry races on the beach:

And hikes in the snow:

She (kinda) swims:

She rides on helicopters:

She works out:

She takes a drink from the public fountains:

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Central Park Sunday.

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And of course, she hoops:

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Handle is

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Babe loves ball

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Vestry is also a model

Vestry is athletic as hell, but she cleans up nice for pics, too.

You can’t teach this:

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Vestry Love. #nationaldogday

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Or this:

She rocks a bandana:

She’s game for being part of Love’s winter wear:

And while these are all great, there’s one type of Vestry-Love picture that’s better than the rest.

Love and Vestry pose for “Don’t Talk To Me Or My Daughter” pics

Do y’all know the “Don’t Talk To Me Or My Son Ever Again” meme?

Anyway, they pose for these with Love playing the role of the overprotective dad. If you don’t understand what I mean, you will now:

There’s your recap on Vestry and her greatness. Please send me any and all Vestry content as the season progresses so we can appreciate a wonderful NBA dog in action.