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This poor Pelicans announcer just gave up on the game-losing play call

With the finals seconds ticking down in a tie game, the Pistons cleared out for Derrick Rose. He took Jrue Holiday off the dribble, spun, elevated and scored his 17th point of the fourth quarter — the game-winner.

Cool shot, but that’s besides the point of this blog post which is actually just about how I can’t stop laughing at Pelicans play-by-play announcer Joel Meyers’ call. Volume on, please:

The online sports media machine loves a good play call of a big moment, but usually the focus is on the local broadcast of the winning team, an announcer absolutely going bonkers or Kevin Harlan narrating a cat’s personal journey on a football field.

The market inefficiency is in the unintentional humor in the broadcast of the team that loses. Here’s another recent example my poor Bulls fan colleague Ricky O’Donnell immediately pointed out to me:

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Wired: Game-losing calls

Got other examples? We’d all love to watch them if you could drop a link in the comments below, please.