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The Knicks are stuck in a ‘Star Wars Night’ loop that may never end

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Never tell me the odds.

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The New York Knicks have found themselves caught playing on “Star Wars Night” every time they took the court for the past week. No, it’s not a trap, but is it something that has happened to Knicks for four straight games on their road trip. The trend was first uncovered by Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic who also did some great reporting talking to Knicks players about their relationship with Star Wars.

The Knicks started their road trip in Portland on Dec. 10 playing on “Star Wars Night”. The jokes were writing themselves:

The Knicks aka The Empire lost the Trail Blazers, 115-87, while shooting 35.2 percent from the field and 18.4 percent from three. Even stormtroopers are humiliated to be associated with that shooting percentage.

The Knicks then went to San Francisco to play the Golden State Warriors, where they pulled off the type of victory that would have needed the aide of The Force to be imaginable one year ago. In two overtimes, the Knicks outlasted the Warriors 124-122 behind 36 points from Marcus Morris. The version version of “Star Wars Night” featured this bobblehead giveaway of Kevon Looney as a stormtrooper, which is definitely something that needed to exist.

Next up for the Knicks was a meeting with the Sacramento Kings, whose “Star Wars Night” included Baby Yoda baby races. Why even have a basketball game with such superior entertainment at halftime?

The Knicks earned a 103-101 win over Sacramento behind 53 combined points from the bench. It was the first time the Knicks had won back-to-back games all year.

The Knicks lost to the Nuggets in Denver on Sunday, also on “Star Wars Night”. Kudos to the Nuggets for coming up with this great poster. Mike Malone looks a little too much like Old Luke Skywalker, doesn’t he?

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Star Wars Night!!!

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“Star Wars Night” treated the Knicks well: New York entered at 4-19 and was able to go 2-2 through it. Maybe new coach Mike Miller really is the new hope the Knicks have been looking for.