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The Curse of Markelle Fultz is over

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We have that and more in Monday’s NBA newsletter.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It’s only been two games, and no one ever really denied that if everyone learned how to co-exist this team could be incredible, but wow do the Philadelphia 76ers ever look powerful in the wake of landing Tobias Harris. The Sixers shredded the Nuggets and bludgeoned the Lakers; Philly’s feeling so good Ben Simmons even took a three on Sunday.

All the salary cap calculating and debate on whether the Sixers should try to keep Harris and J.J. Redick at the expense of Jimmy Butler, or vice versa -- all that ignores the potential of this team to be really, really good really, really fast. If this team, say, makes the NBA Finals this year and pushes the Golden State Warriors ... what then? If this team goes on a run to land the No. 2 seed and dances all over the Eastern Conference, what then?

It’s only been two games. But these things are now in play. The salary cap issues are real. But the calculus changes if this team has really launched itself into the top tier. And right now? It kind of looks like it has.


Blazers 101, Mavericks 102
Lakers 120, Sixers 143
Suns 104, Kings 117
Magic 124, Hawks 108
Heat 118, Warriors 120


All times Eastern. Games on League Pass unless otherwise noted.

Knicks at Cavaliers, 7
Wizards at Pistons, 7
Hornets at Pacers, 7
Nets at Raptors, 7:30
Bucks at Bulls, 8
Mavericks at Rockets, 8, NBA TV
Clippers at Timberwolves, 8
Blazers at Thunder, 8
Heat at Nuggets, 9


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Be excellent to each other.