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The Blazers and Thunder are stressing me out

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NBA: Playoffs-Portland Trail Blazers at Oklahoma City Thunder Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

The thing that strikes me about this Blazers vs. Thunder series is that it’s incredibly tense, basically all of the time. Damian Lillard is constantly on the verge of destroying Oklahoma City’s defense through slithery drives or new-school long-range threes. In the third quarter of Game 3, during which he racked up 25 points to get Portland in whispering distance, he was there. In the fourth, he always seemed on the precipice of hitting a shot or two and tapping his wrist to let everyone know the hour.

But he didn’t, and instead the Thunder found ways to stay unmoored to a legacy of cracking in high-pressure moments. Paul George attacked when he didn’t trust his jumper, Russell Westbrook trusted his jumper and was rewarded with buckets. The Thunder roleplayers, for the first time this series, hit shots consistently, as if this win was meant to be. OKC came out ahead in the end as Portland buckled under the stress with too many turnovers and bricks.

The game remained tense at the buzzer, as George threw down a reverse double pump as the horn sounded in lieu of dribbling out the clock.

This series is so tense that the teams have ended up in a Cold War of sorts, with the beef between Dame and Russ at center stage (Dame’s explosion in the third came after Russ emphatically rocked the baby on him) but dudes like Dennis Schroder getting involved (tapping his wrist after stopping Lillard in the fourth, YIKES). George’s disrespectful/hilarious dunk seemed to touch a nerve and caused a center court summit that was dispersed before anyone got too frisky.

But with at least two more games left, the intensity could boil over. The question is who that would benefit and who that would destroy.


Raptors 98, Magic 93
Toronto leads 2-1

Celtics 104, Pacers 96
Boston leads 3-0

Blazers 108, Thunder 120
Portland leads 2-1


Sixers at Nets, 3 ET, TNT
Philadelphia leads 2-1

Nuggets at Spurs, 5:30 ET, TNT
San Antonio leads 2-1

Bucks at Pistons, 8 ET, ESPN
Milwaukee leads 2-0

Rockets at Jazz, 10:30 ET, ESPN
Houston leads 2-0


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