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Kawhi Leonard’s impossible buzzer-beater, from every angle

What a shot it was.

Kawhi Leonard’s incredible buzzer-beater in Game 7 against the Sixers is going to be one for the ages.

It’s not just the shot here, it’s the delayed agony which truly makes it special. Leonard’s shot rattled around the rim for what felt like an eternity before finally dropping through. It took less than a second, but took a lifetime.

There was so much drama and proof of concept, all baked into this one shot. It was definitive proof the Raptors made the right move trading for Leonard, crushing evidence that the Sixers’ process hasn’t reached finality. One shot contained all the drama and intrigue we love in spots, which left Toronto in a state of jubilation and Philadelphia in crushing defeat. It was beautiful.

But, inside that shot there was an inescapable “WTF” quality to it.

How did this go in?

Seriously, how?

You go through all these feeling as the shot drops, regardless of what kind of fan you are.

  1. Shot goes up: “We’re going to overtime.”
  2. Shot hits rim: “Gonna be a long one, better get more drinks.”
  3. Shot hits rim again: “Nah, no way.”
  4. Shot hits rim again: “Wait ...”
  5. Shot hits rim again: “Is this happening? IS THIS HAPPENING?!”
  6. Shot drops: “THAT JUST HAPPENED!”

Now we’re left with a moment Raptors and Sixers fans will remember forever. For entirely different reasons.