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D’Angelo Russell just really appreciates the health benefits of green tea

We have that and more in Friday’s NBA newsletter.

NBA: Playoffs-Philadelphia 76ers at Brooklyn Nets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In ultimately unimportant but hilarious and extremely old school NBA news, D’Angelo Russell was cited at LaGuardia Airport for having a small amount of marijuana hidden in an AriZona Iced Tea can with a secret compartment in his checked luggage. That is a sentence, folks.

Russell’s citation will cost him $100 -- he was still able to make his flight to Louisville, and it’s not clear whether this will land him in the NBA’s marijuana protocol since there’s not a criminal conviction per se. Woj reports that the Nets are unconcerned by this and still plan to offer Russell, a restricted free agent, a large contract to stay in Brooklyn. In all, this is less impactful to anything real than, say, a traffic stop.

But there is a lot to appreciate here. Based on the size of Russell’s citation, it appears he stuffed a zip into the fugazy iced tea, and then put that in his checked baggage. He thought ahead here as he packed -- this wasn’t a last-minute attempt to hide a bag inside his carry-on, and he didn’t just roll up the zip in his socks or something -- and he wasn’t getting too crazy with the supply (less than two grams).

I just love that idea that an AriZona Iced Tea can in checked baggage isn’t suspicious to Russell. What do you say when questioned? “Yes, I uh just really like Mucho Mango and I’m not sure if they carry it in Kentucky.” Also, this -- an AriZona Iced Tea stash can -- is just something D-Lo had sitting around his place, ready for use. Maybe he stores his weed in it all the time, in case Kenny Atkinson drops by for a house call or something.

Are we sure Nick Young didn’t have something to do with tipping off the TSA, by the way?


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Philadelphia leads series 2-1


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Series tied 1-1

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