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Kyrie Irving to the Nets would be flat-out amazing

We have that and more in Wednesday’s NBA newsletter.

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Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics - Game Four Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Stephen A. Smith declared that Kyrie Irving is more likely to go to the Brooklyn Nets than the New York Knicks this summer, which is not super definitive but still spun up everyone concerned with either team or where Kyrie lands. The most fascinating impact is really on D’Angelo Russell. Do the Nets re-sign him too if they land Kyrie? I doubt it. There’s no reason to have two young, high-scoring, shoot-first point guards on a roster. So allowing Russell, a restricted free agent, to really hit the market would be pretty interesting for some second-tier free agent seeking teams.

It would also be a little funny considering the Celtics cashed in some of their hard-won assets from the epic lopsided Nets trade to land Kyrie in the first place. To lose him outright to the Nets would be something like Billy King’s revenge.

The Nets have built a legitimately good young team, and done it the so-called “right way.” But ever since moving to the city from New Jersey, the Nets have been chasing stars. How ironic that they’d finally get a star in his prime by ... building the right way, patiently, and luring said star in free agency, where in theory a team in Brooklyn owned by spendthrift billionaires (first Mikhail Prokhorov and soon Joe Tsai) should be a market powerhouse.

By the way, the Nets are also said to be in the mix for Anthony Davis.

Everything just may be coming up Nets!

But who is the 2022 Finals MVP?

Folks, I love some good advance prognostication and debate over player worth. One of my favorite traditions is predicting free agent destinations, which is about the silliest thing a basketball writer can predict. But do we really have to have an industry-wide debate over who will win Finals MVP two games in? All indications are that this series should go six or seven. Take a breather! I know the gaps between games are long and we all have to tweet about something (but do we?). Let’s stick to politics or religion, anything like that less divisive than whether Stephen Curry is the most important player on his team!


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Be excellent to each other.