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This Kawhi Leonard Trash Talk Generator is ready to roast you

An important service provided to improve the basketball discourse.

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If you just want to play with the Kawhi Leonard Trash Talk Generator, scroll past the next 200 words of text it’s at the bottom of the page. I got you, no worries.

Kawhi Leonard is different. How would you trash talk him? Imagine talking to him on the court and he’s just staring right through you. Your words don’t affect him, in fact they don’t even register. How demoralizing.

It makes sense no one really bothers to try.

Kawhi is different when it comes to *his* trash talk, too. There is a lot of good stuff in the Athletic’s oral history of Kawhi’s college days, but the trash talking bit stands out:

Tyrone Shelley, guard: Most people say it like, “Oh, I’m about to get buckets on you.” He was just like, “Buckets. Layup.” Just one word.

Tim Shelton: He’d be like, “You’re not scoring. You’re not doing anything.” Or he’d be like, “No, no, no.” He’d just move his feet and say, “No.”

Gay: You couldn’t score on him, so that’s what he would say: “Nope, nope, nope.” And when he would score on you: “Bucket. Bucket.”

LaBradford Franklin, guard: If he was grabbing a rebound, he’d say, “Give me that” or “Board man” or “Board man gets paid.”

Coach Hutson: If I heard it once, I heard it 50 times. “Board man. I’m a board man.” That’s what he said. Absolutely. “I’m a board man. Yeah, I’m a board man. Board man gets paid.” He spoke in phrases like that.

This is amazing. It’s the trash talk we need! Specifically, it’s trash talk you might want to randomly generate to use in a pickup game or work e-mail.

Introducing the Kawhi Leonard Trash Talk Generator. Play around, and see what you find: