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Dwyane Wade is making fools out of people trying to stunt on him

This is why you don’t try to goof on NBA Hall of Famers.

Dwyane Wade is in China on a basketball tour and for some reason people keep thinking they can make him look foolish on the court.

Here’s the thing: I get that stunting on Wade would be a lifetime achievement for a player, and immediately you’d get your 15 minutes on social media — but there has to be some solid risk assessment here. Even as a young, really good player, you need to be absolutely, 100 percent sure you can pull off the move before stepping to D-Wade.

I’ll wager that trying to goof on any NBA player with street ball moves is a recipe for disaster, or at best a slim chance of it working. Trying it on Wade, well ... someone else tried too.

If you’ve spent any time reading about the exploits of former NBA players you’ll know they remain tough years after retirement. There are stories about Michael Jordan schooling Hornets rookies, Jason Williams embarrassing people — the list goes on. So, with that knowledge everyone should firmly understand that trying to mess with a retired future Hall of Famer is an atrocious idea.

Thanks for having the joke thrown back at you for our entertainment though.