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How LeBron James got me to finally carry a purse

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NBAE/Getty Images

I have never enjoyed carrying a purse. Most of the styles never matched anything I wanted to wear. Some were too big. Or had too much fringe. Or too many butterflies.

Growing up I found an occasional purse I could tolerate. It was typically some kind of fake leather that I could wear like a messenger bag and would carry it around because that’s what girls do, right? Right. But I never used them for long. I don’t like purses.

So my default was to usually just carry a backpack instead of a purse, but backpacks aren’t viable in all situations. So when I couldn’t have a backpack, I would just shove things like my keys and wallet in my pocket. It’s honestly not a sustainable life, but again, I just don’t like purses! I actually don’t even like the word. It’s a weird word. I hate how many times I’ve already typed it.

So I have weaved in and out of adulthood buying way too many backpacks that never quite got the job done. That was until LeBron James changed my life. I noticed LeBron last summer essentially wearing a purse. This photo captured by the legendary NBA player photographer Cassy Athena was one of the first that ever caught my eye.

Cassy Athena

Now that is a purse I will carry. LeBron is, in my opinion, one of the best fashion icons of our time, especially in casual sports wear. He makes socks tucked into sweats look good!

But as time went on, I started noticing it more and more. For an entire summer of his son’s AAU basketball tournaments, and into the NBA season, LeBron wore a version of this bag.

(Swipe through for more photos of LeBron looking cool with this bag.)

As time went on, I started seeing the trend everywhere, with both men and women wearing different versions of the crossbody bag.

From Russell Westbrook.

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To Breanna Stewart.

To Kevin Love.

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Sunday Scaries.

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You can easily find these bags on Nike’s website. They’re listed in Nike’s “fanny pack” section, but it should be noted no one is wearing these around their waist in 2019.

Are these meant for men or women? I don’t know, and that’s the beauty of it. If you scroll though the bag section like this at Urban Outfitters, they have male and female models both wearing them. Head to other bag retailers like Adidas or Herschel and you’ll see the same. A bag for everyone.

I bought two this summer for my vacation and I haven’t taken them off since. I wear my new bag to the grocery store and the movies and even just for a bite to eat. My phone and keys fit so nicely in the bag. I even carried a disposable camera around for two weeks in Europe, tucked away nicely in this bag. Purses are so convenient! Who knew!

Anyway, it’s 2019. Like what you like no matter what anyone else tells you. Life is a bit easier and happier that way. And I’m never saying the word “purse” again.