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The many layers of Kendrick Perkins vs. Kevin Durant’s Twitter beef

If you come for the snake, you best bring anti-venom.

The biggest highlight from Russell Westbrook’s first return to Oklahoma City came from exactly who you’d expect: Kevin Durant. Yes, Durant, the former Thunder legend who left to sign with the Golden State Warriors and is now on the Brooklyn Nets sidelined with a torn Achilles, logged on to get involved on Westbrook’s big night all these years later.

Durant was baited on Twitter, and if you come for the snake, you best bring anti-venom. Unfortunately for Kendrick Perkins, he did not. Here’s how Durant vs. Perkins beef stole the night.

1. Perkins tweeted for attention

Perkins, a former OKC player and teammate of both Westbrook and Durant, started the whole fight by tweeting the morning of the return game. He said Westbrook was the best Thunder player to ever wear the jersey, plugging a spot for his upcoming appearance on SportsCenter.

In his spot on SportsCenter, Perkins got one jab in on Durant, saying “KD went to Golden State and left that team for dead. Russell Westbrook said ‘uh uh. We’re gonna stay afloat.’”

2. Perkins engaged in conversation with a Celtics writer

Marc D’Amico replied to Perkins’ tweet in defense of Durant, implying he — not Westbrook — was the best OKC player ever.

Perkins responded by saying “Kevin left the door right open and Russ walked right in.”

The two went back-and-forth one more time, arguing that Westbrook was eliminated three straight times in the second round of the playoffs. Then Perkins made one big mistake that set him up for roasting.

“KD lost in the second round without Russ when I was there,” he said. “So what that mean?”

3. Durant logged on and ended Perkins

It took nine hours, but when Durant responded, he went for it. In reference to the second-round playoff loss, Durant said, “Yea and our starting center Kendrick Perkins averaged a whopping 2 and 3 during that series. U played hard tho champ lol.”


Perkins was undoubtedly awful in the 2012-13 playoff run Durant is referring to. By most advanced statistical numbers, he was an on-court negative, averaging two points on 26 percent shooting with a shade under four rebounds. Durant really pulled out Basketball-Reference for this clapback.

Perkins conceded — kinda.

4. Perkins tried to redeem himself

After getting owned, Perkins tried to tweet through it. He took the usual jab at Durant for joining the Warriors, saying, “Boy stop you did the weakest move in NBA History!!! Up on a team 3-1 in the western conference finals and then go join them the following season?! Heart of Champion right there.”

Durant responded with a yawning sloth.

What’d we learn from this Twitter spat?

For all of eternity, Durant is going to hear it for leaving OKC for Golden State. For all of eternity, Durant’s former teammates are going to take Westbrook’s side. For all of eternity, Durant is going to respond.

What’s done can’t be changed, and Durant seems to be able to live with that. The cheap shots will continue, but each side of the Durant vs. Westbrook debate came away with what he wanted. Westbrook earned honor. Durant earned rings.