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Bradley Beal’s All-Star snub elicited an iconic reaction from his awesome fiancée

“Stats don’t lie.”

There’s something special about a significant other who will stan for you out in the open through an All-Star Game snub. Today, we have no choice but to respect Kamiah Adams, Bradley Beal’s fiancée, who went off on a Wizards postgame special and recited Beal’s per game stats while calling the voting process “politics and a joke.”

“Stats don’t lie,” Adams said to Glen Consor on the postgame show, according to The Athletic’s Fred Katz. Then she brought out the receipts. “28.6 points per game, 6.3 assists per game, 4.3 rebounds per game. Didn’t make an All-Star, though? Sixth in scoring overall in the NBA, third overall in the Eastern Conference.”

“It’s politics and it’s a joke,” Adams said. “The NBA is becoming laughable in my honest opinion.”

That’s some real-as-hell energy everyone should want from a sig other. Was Beal deserving of an All-Star nod? I mean, maybe. His counting stats are elite, though his defense stinks and his team isn’t in the realm of making the playoffs in a weak conference. But that’s beside the point. Adams sparked realness all over the internet for the person she loves, and we need more of that in life.

Adams’ full response was reasoned, too. “My thing is, OK, he’s on a team that has 15, 16 wins. Not on the best team in the NBA. We came into it this season knowing it was gonna be a trial year for us. But I feel like that’s a joke to me.”

Yeah, speak on it, Kamiah.

“It’s a popularity contest,” she said. “It’s about who has the most followers on Instagram, who has the most likes, and it’s a joke to me because my thing is you can’t name five people that were selected for reserves on either the East or the West who are outplaying Bradley right now.”

That is some damn passion. And it’s earned. Listen, she’s had to sit there and watch the 16-31 Wizards. Watching a rebuilding team isn’t easy, and it’s especially frustrating when you’re dang fiancée is the only star. And now he isn’t even being honored like one. Of course, this losing season is what Beal and Adams prepared for, as she stated previously. They knew by taking the money in D.C. that the outcome could look something like this. But that doesn’t make an All-Star snub any easier to accept.

Adams took to Instagram to continue stating facts, too.

Beal still has a chance to make the All-Star Game if a player gets injured or backs out for whatever reason. Though Adams said if it were up to her, she wouldn’t play as a replacement.

Beal’s agent and trainer have also sent statements showcasing their disappointment in Beal’s snub, too.

Even if Beal won’t be an All-Star on national TV, he’ll be one at home to his fiancée, and that’s heartwarming. Adams taught everyone a valuable lesson. Fight online for the ones you love, respect, and know deserve better. Being real is honorable.