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Michael Jordan is opening health clinics for people without health insurance

Charlotte’s most vulnerable residents are getting the Covid testing they need, thanks to MJ.


Michael Jordan wasn’t always known for his philanthropy, but that’s taken a sharp turn in recent years. Now Jordan is becoming a health care champion to people in need in Charlotte.

Jordan and Novant Health announced Thursday that the Hornets’ owner was opening a second health clinic in an underserved area of Charlotte that has little or no health care. It’s part of a $7 million commitment Jordan made three years ago to help the community, and the result of his outreach is making a huge impact. The clinics do not require patients to have insurance, and comes at a critical time during the Covid-19 pandemic to help those in need.

Novant Health said that Jordan’s work is making a huge impact on the people of Charlotte.

“The impact of the first clinic has been measurable and if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is the importance of having accessible, safe and quality care in communities that need it most. Michael Jordan’s commitment to improving the health of our communities, and society, is deep-rooted,” Carl Armato, CEO and president of Novant Health, said in a statement.

Jordan’s first Charlotte clinic opened last year, and supplied Covid testing for over 13,000 residents in 2020. It’s clear that the Hornets’ owner is making a massive impact on the community, and it’s wonderful to see the biggest star in basketball history give back in critical ways to people more in need.