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The Lakers ring ceremony made everyone cry happy tears

It was a socially distant celebration but it was perfect.

The Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship just over 70 days ago while in the bubble in Orlando, Florida. On Tuesday night, they kicked off the next season with a home game against the Clippers, and the ever-popular ring ceremony. But what would a ring ceremony be like without fans? Well, the Lakers organization made sure it was one of the most memorable ceremonies we’d ever seen.

With no fans allowed at Staples Center for the occasion, the Lakers organization had each player’s family introduce them before getting each ring.

The tears started right off the bat when Jared Dudley’s daughter said they were BFFs forever.

Then Giannis made an appearance to congratulate his brother Kostas.

While Markieff Morris’ daughter screaming for her dad made her the star of the whole dang ceremony.

And even Marcus Morris, who plays for the rival Clippers, was cheering on his brother.

LeBron’s students at his I Promise school even made an appearance.

And don’t think we didn’t notice that Zhuri James was rocking an Anthony Davis jersey.

And last but not least, the rings are gorgeous.

Overall, this was an amazing way to do the ring ceremony and fans online were suggesting every ring ceremony should be like this moving forward. I can’t say I disagree! Seeing the players react to their families was a special and personal touch we normally don’t get.