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Joel Embiid has a new nickname thanks to a hilariously bad ‘Jeopardy!’ answer

Trust the Process and Do a 180!

The geniuses on Jeopardy! are known for their impressive general knowledge and quick thinking. When it comes to sports trivia, however, things can go hilariously wrong. On Wednesday night’s episode, host Alex Trebek asked a question that anyone who knows of Joel Embiid would have nailed — but not Paul, who went in a different direction.

Embiid’s nickname is, of course, “The Process,” a reference to the Sixers’ years-long tanking and rebuilding efforts that brought stars like Embiid to Philadelphia. It’s not “Do a 180,” a boring cliche and low-scoring trick from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Normally this kind of moment garners a few chuckles from Sports Twitter and we move on — but Embiid is embracing his new nickname.

It’s likely the first sports nickname to originate from a goof on Jeopardy!, which is patently on brand for Joel “Do a 180” Embiid.

It’s dumb, it’s hilarious, it’s perfect.