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Enes Kanter wants to join WWE after basketball, so we made up a character for him

Kanter might step into the squared circle!

According to Enes Kanter himself, the Celtics center already has a new career path after his NBA career is wrapped up: professional wrestling. He told NBA reporter Shams Charania that WWE already offered him a deal and that he will “definitely” join WWE.

Kanter is already one of the most outgoing personalities in the NBA, so he’s more than ready to step into the squared circle. Now all he needs is to learn the skillset and develop his pro wrestling persona. So what would his pro wrestling character and look be?

What’s Enes Kanter’s character?

His character is himself. He’s Enes Kanter, pro basketball player. That’s enough to garner attention for yourself. It worked for Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone back in the summer of 1998 where they both wrestled alongside Hulk Hogan and Diamond Dallas Page respectively at WCW’s Bash at the Beach. WWE shouldn’t overthink this one. No need to give him a new name or to introduce a backstory on how he’s a Turkish prizefighter now.

Part-time of Full-time?

Usually when there’s a crossover athlete joining WWE, they will more than likely not show up every week on TV. WWE will save them for the bigger events to draw ratings for their pay-per-views. But Enes Kanter has a history of embracing the NBA team and city he is currently in, so he might immerse himself in the world of pro wrestling as a result. He could very well be the exception who shows up on Raw or Smackdown regularly. He’s doing this full-time.

Should Enes Kanter have a manager?

This might be a small conundrum for the folks in WWE. On one hand, you would want a celebrity to grab the mic for those soundbites that will go viral. Take Rob Gronkowski, for example. He’s in WWE as the 24/7 Champion and he was the host of WrestleMania, grabbing the microphone during breaks. No one was talking for him, which is ideal if you want to highlight a celebrity athlete.

On the other hand, Kanter is 6’11” and will easily tower over most of the current WWE roster. Drew McIntyre, the six-foot-five current WWE Champion, would look tiny in comparison to the NBA big man. WWE traditionally highlights superstars who are tall or burly with a manager. In this case, Kanter would be the silent monster with a manager talking for him. But the best thing for Kanter’s character might be to incorporate both: give Kanter a manager while also allowing him to say a few lines when necessary. His presence would be more impactful that way.

What should Kanter’s signature move be?

Enes should use wrestling moves that hint he was a basketball player. His signature move should be the choke slam, where you grab your opponent by the neck, pick them up, and slam them on the mat. Kanter should take advantage of his size by picking up his opponent in the air and holding them in the air for a few seconds. It’ll look like he’s about to dunk them onto the mat.

What should Enes wear?

Enes Kanter’s gear should lean more into pro wrestling than basketball. it’ll might be difficult for WWE to forgo dressing up a basketball player like a basketball player, but we all would know who Kanter is without a jersey. It worked for Malone and Rodman. Give him some elbow pads and some spandex. Maybe include a sprinkle of basketball with the help of a logo on his pants. Just please don’t reuse this neon basketball attire they gave to Shorty G.