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The first look at NBA 2k21 is extremely sweaty

There is a lot of detailed sweat in this promo

On Thursday we got an hour-long showcase of what the Playstation 5 will look like upon release this fall, and by what it will look like, I mean we got to see a ton of games that will be on the console. While all of the games looked incredible, the most exciting for sports fans might be the first look at NBA 2K21.

Here is the preview in all its glory.

2K21 will be Zion Williamson and all of his sweat. So much sweat.

We got face sweat.

And leg sweat.

That is some really graphically pleasing sweat! But the video looks great and as a gamer myself who has given up on NBA 2K in recent years, maybe this one will bring me back. Especially if they properly highlight the WNBA this time around.

From our friends at Polygon:

NBA 2K21 is “built from the ground up for PS5,” according to the trailer’s YouTube description, which also promises “Next Gen graphics, load times, and power.” The game is scheduled to debut this fall; every year, NBA 2K typically arrives in late September. This year’s entry will likely be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PS5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.